Love Where You Live | San Marcos Home Ideal for Family Seeking Convenience and Outdoor Fun

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1500 Rambla Brisas Knob Hill Community The current homeowners of 1500 Rambla Brisa bought the home about five-years ago during a time when most home buyers could only find foreclosures in the San Diego market. So when they stumbled upon this home, which had only one set of owners since the early 1970s, they were…Read More »


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Looking for a house We'll Help

Homebuyer assistance via The Mortgage Reports. How To Buy A Home — From Households Budgets To Mortgage Knowing how to navigate the mortgage market can be the difference between a good mortgage rate and a great one; or, a mortgage approval and a mortgage denial. My friend, Dan Green, who is widely regarded as one…Read More »

Fed Meeting Statement Positive For Ongoing Mortgage Sector Support

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Fed Meeting Statement Positive For Ongoing Mortgage Sector Support

There was potentially good news for mortgage rates on Wednesday as the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced that its quantitative easing (QE) program would remain unchanged for the present.

Safe and Sound

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It’s been kind of crazy…. It’s been kind of crazy, nerve racking, nail biting, a lot of driving to and from, waiting by the phone kinda past few weeks. The kids and I returned home early from our trip to papa and ah-mah’s (aka my mom and dad) because my sister who was very prego…Read More »

Run away carts

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Thank you….. To the very kind man at Costco today. Thank you. He will most likely never know how much his simple act of kindness meant to me today. It was far more than he could ever imagine. It was late in the afternoon, my kids were tired and hot. So was I. We had…Read More »

3 Common Home Financing Problems And How To Avoid Them

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3 Common Home Financing Problems And How To Avoid Them

Getting the best mortgage financing for your new home can sometimes be a complicated process and, unfortunately, things can go wrong. Using a licensed and trusted mortgage loan specialist can help alleviate many of these challenges.