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Snow man on the Beach | Retail Madness | San Marcos Living

I must have missed something

So  do the big brains of the retail stores get together every year and decide to move Christmas up every year? Crazy!! I must have missed something somewhere but I’m still enjoying summer. After all it is only August and the summer weather finally decided to show up.

It’s crazy

I went to one of the big box chains the other day only to find that I could no longer find beach towels and umbrellas. In those spots were now Christmas wrapping paper and decorations. Now I LOVE Christmas! I love to decorate, cook, shop and all other things that go along with the holiday season. But come on!! Every year it comes earlier and earlier. Who makes these decisions? It’s crazy. When my little ones see the  Christmas stuff in the stores they start asking how much longer till Christmas. For a 4-year-old tomorrow such a long time away, let alone 5 months. That’s almost unthinkable. They can’t even comprehend that.

Retail Madness |  Red Tag Sale

I’ll be shopping soon enough

Don’t we still need to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving? Even those are too far out to start thinking about. So if by chance one of the big brains at one of these stores happen to be listening………Please let us enjoy summer before rolling out the Holiday stuff. I promise I’ll be shopping soon enough.


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