Summer fashions gone bad | Not judging…….really

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 Different people like different things

Summer fashions gone bad | San Marcos Living | San Marcos Real Estate Company

Really I’m not judging. I could care less about what wear. When my 4-year-old says that dress is not very pretty or that girl’s hair is silly. It’s the honest mind of  a 4-year-old simply stating what she sees.

Most of the time I’ll just tell her that all people are different and different people like different things.


 Not judging…….really

Ok with that said here comes the “not judging” part. Please put chonies on when you put on that white sheer dress. The dress is super cute! I love little white dresses and this is the time of year to wear them but, all we want to see is the little white dress not everything under it. When I say chonies I mean nude ones with a little bit of coverage. Not the black lace thong. It’s really not nice to be flashing the goods to the world, and for heaven’s sake please put on a bra!! Yes we all see that “their “still perky (either naturally or with a little assistance from a your surgeon. But come on!!


A little discretion goes a long way

Summer fashions gone bad | Dress Your Age | San Marcos Living | San Marcos Real Estate CompanyJust because it “fits” doesn’t mean you should wear it. Lets face it ladies (I’m definitely putting myself in this category. ) If your over the age of say 35 you probably should stop shopping in the junior dept. If your 16-year-old daughter is wearing it you probably should not. I’m all for people expressing themselves thru their wardrobes. I think it’s so fun to people watch and see what their wearing. I do however think a little bit of discretion goes a long way.  What do you think?

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